Lucky you got killed early

Directed by Sofia Karagianni

10 Oct - 11 Oct 21:00



Due to high demand, a third performance will be added on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at 18:30 (evening)


Gaff Theater Group and director Sofia Karagianni (winner of the International Repertoire Award 2020/21) present an adaptation of Chronis Missios’ autobiographic novel “Lucky you got killed early”, were the author recounts a life of persecution, arrests, imprisonment and torture.

Immediately after the World War II, when Greece surrenders to the chaos of the Civil War, 16-year-old Chronis Missios is arrested, imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death. He is released in 1973, after spending twenty-one years in prisons and in exile. This period of his life is recounted in the great testimonial narrative “Lucky you got killed early”.

“I’m fighting to remain human. And that is the ultimate political battle”, Missios wrote. This statement is what motivated Gaff Theater Group to put on stage the memories and trauma of a truly brave man. Perhaps because the current period seems to have something of the darkness of Missios’ youth. Perhaps because Missios is not only addressing his dead friend but mainly the absent ones, us. Perhaps because Missios’ understanding of life, history, and the dream is not only full of political criticism but also full of optimism about life, and faith in the creative power of man. Or perhaps because unthinkable things have happened to us and it is time to ask ourselves, how does one resist today?

Lucky you got killed early
10 Oct - 11 Oct 21:00

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