Poor Man

Tziokos, Tsitsaris, Dalezis, Triantaki, Louvari

07 Oct - 31 Jul 20:20







[…] The poor man lies on the reflections of buildings windows, drinks water from the leaves’ dew, eats scraps, eavesdrops, fades away, and sparkles shed from his eyes instead of tears. A visitor in the nightmares of those who sleep and in the dreams of the awake. Standing still in an always shifting landscape. He is the landscape […]
Five artists who live and create in the city of Thessaloniki work together inspired by the poetic work of Christos Tziokos “The poor man / scraps”. Dimitris Dalezis, Thanasis Tsitsaris and Christos Tziokos set live music and poetic recital to the lyrics of the book. Dancer Drosia Triantaki gives form and reflects the progress of the story while visual artist Maria Louvari builds an in situ installation consisting of video art and paintings, bridging the parts of the storytelling. “Poor Man” is a short, multilayered performance that invites the audience on a total experience of introduction to the contemporary and timely work of Tziokos.

Tziokos, Tsitsaris, Dalezis, Triantaki, Louvari

The group consists of five artists from various artistic disciplines who live and create in the city of Thessaloniki: poetry, music, dance and visual arts. The group was formed in 2018 for the first time by Christos Tziokos (poetry) and Thanasis Tsitsaris (music) as an experiment and an attempt on music improvisation and reading of Tziokos’ works. In 2019, Dimitris Dalezis (music) joins in for the creation of the Poor man project. In 2020 the group works together with Drosia Triantaki (dance) and Maria Louvari (visual arts) for the completion of the multi-layered show which will be performed and presented for the “Dimitria” festival in autumn, in collaboration with Die Wolke art group.

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