TiSFF / Day 4

Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

12 Oct - 31 Oct 16:00








Yannick Karcher, France

Freshly retired, a man doesn’t know how to occupy his days. For fear of being killed by boredom, he gets involved in the crazy project of building a boat in the cellar of his suburban house.


Level 71

Peter Salapatas, Greece

A man trapped in an endlessly repeating space resembling a subterranean parking lot with multiple levels, is searching frantically for the exit. Along his way he meets a man of faith and a mysterious capitalist who promises to show him an exit. All this time he is looking to join a political assembly on level 71which he believes will help him. A woman from his past or future may offer him a different perspective in order to help him find an.



Cato Van Passel, Belgium

Beyond’ tells the story of Arthur, who has just come to pass. In a brief afterlife he gets the time and space to look back an make up the balance of his life. In a poetic story we searched for ways we can process the big feelings as love and loss. Two extremes that seem to be inseparable, who make our inner storm rage.



Nikos Avgoustidis, Greece

A grandson returns to his ancestors’ village for the winter.A grandfather returns from death to see his grandson for one last time.A village unable to cope with the returns that occurred out of love.



Kostas Gerampinis, Greece

A veterinarian is called in to treat a mysterious disease in a remote farm in Greece. He examines the first victim of this disease, a ram, but the precise nature of the affliction eludes him. Without a moment’s hesitation, he advises the owner of the farm to put down all his livestock as a precautionary measure and tells him that he will return in a few days with the lab results. A freak storm, though, forces him to spend the night at the farm.


Shadows of the World

Marios Papageorgiou, Greece

Climate change has finally led to the complete natural destruction of the planet. Four strangers, who share only their need for survival, find refuge underground. They appear to be the only survivors. Their yearning for salvation will test their conscience. In the heart of darkness conflict seems inescapable. A film about man’s confrontation with every second to follow, until the very last.


Good = Evil

José Luis Ugarte, United Kingdom

A stream of consciousness poetry film that is both a meditation and an inner dialogue with the self. Thoughts lead us into an imaginary place where manifestations of our fears reside. Inside there we question our binary construct, our belief in polar opposites, our wanting to be right and never wrong. This, in turn, leads us to an earnest self-request: let opposing forces co-exist within us as fiercely as they do in the natural world.


What Resonates in Silence

Marine Blin, France

Hiding death does not make it disappear. A little girl who suffered from the silence of adults felt dispossessed of her right to mourn. As an adult, she recounts the tender gestures that bind her to the dead.


Last Visit

Spiros Alidakis, Greece

Last Visit is a tribute to Lefteris Voyatzis (1945 – 2013), an indisputable milestone in the modern history of Greek theater that defined people, projects, and our theatrical perception. He defined and was defined by the Theater of Odou Kykladon. At this place he left work, memories, and senses that still intensively exist. Through this strange dreamy visit he returns to favourable theatrical place for a proper farewell to his friends and colleagues.



Vivian Papageorgiou, Greece

A young boy is trapped in a Gingerbread House which underneath hides a gloomy world, while his mother is desperately trying to find the gate that will take him out of there.


You ‘re Dead, Helene

Michiel Blanchart, France

Maxime, a young man in search of stability, is literally haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend Hélène, who died recently. Wishing to put an end to this unbearable situation, Maxime finally decides to break with her. But Hélène does not seem ready to accept this decision.



Stavros Markoulakis, Greece

After an important surgery, Maria returns to her family home, in order to recover. Living with her mother, her sister and a newborn baby. While Maria’s body starts healing, a deeply hidden desire of hers surfaces. Maria wants to come close to the baby, and this creates a serious threat to the “safety” of the family home.


We didn’t Start the Fire

Senka Domanović, Serbia

Following an accidental meeting, two old acquaintances soon decide to spend a weekend together. Not revealing the real reasons that have led them to such a decision, they indulge in a game of seduction and outwitting. While they gradually enter into each other’s personal space, caution and resistance transform themselves into quiet alliance.


Respiratory Distress

Vanessa Ferle, Greece

A cat, a pair of hands, blackness, and silence. A short story of love’s transformation into abuse. An elegy to those who have been suffocating all their lives. A prayer for self-liberation. Created during the covid-19 lockdown; inspired by the viral components of domestic abuse, the suffocating feeling of repression, and the social isolation where it flourishes.



Nele Dehnenkamp, Germany

Hanan accompanies her brother to classes in the public pool. The first swimming badge is called »Seahorse«, their instructor explains, because it doesn’t drown. When Hanan came to Europe in a rubber dinghy, she couldn’t swim. To overcome this trauma she learned to swim, now it is her little brother’s turn.


After the Rain

Beston Zîrian, Germany

In the middle of nowhere, seven-year-old Yazidi girl Merjan finds herself stranded alone on an nknown shore. The only person around in this no man’s land is 19-year-old Diyab.They don’t speak the same language and neither of them knows where they are. Holding onthe the hope of finding again her father Merjan refuses to leave the shore while Diyab wants tofind his way to promised land…





TiSFF / Day 4
12 Oct - 31 Oct 16:00

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