A GOOD TASTE of TiSFF 2021 – Day 12

Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival – Something to Remember

20 Oct - 31 Oct 16:00







Perfect Storm

Morag Brownlie, New Zealand

During the perfect storm of the pandemic, the beauty of nature and the connectivity of humanity endures. On the wild west coast of Auckland ( New Zealand ) we follow one mans enforced isolation. Pacing into the unknown, wondering if those dear to him, will ever be seen again.



Yannick Karcher, France

Πρόσφατα συνταξιοδοτημένος, ένας άνδρας δεν ξέρει πώς να περάσει τις μέρες του. Φοβούμενος ότι θα πεθάνει από πλήξη, ασχολείται με το τρελό έργο της κατασκευής μιας βάρκας, στο κελάρι του προαστιακού σπιτιού του.

Freshly retired, a man doesn’t know how to occupy his days. For fear of being killed by boredom, he gets involved in the crazy project of building a boat in the cellar of his suburban house.



Julien Bernard, Belgium

Μία ιστορία αγάπης που εκτυλίσσεται σε μία βιομηχανική περιοχή που βυθίζεται στην αφάνεια. Ο Jim και η Cecilia λαχταρούν να φύγουν για αλλού, σε μία μακρινή περιοχή στην Ασία όπου ρέει ο Ποταμός Mekong

Love wanders amidst an industrial region that has fallen into oblivion. Jim and Cecilia are longing for somewhere else, a faraway land in Asia where flows the Mekong River.


Maria is not Alive

Martyna Majewska, Poland

Maria is dead, but she is alive. She committed suicide but remains in her living body for some days. How did she kill herself? She’s looking for cause, observes the world without her. Preparations for the funeral, autopsy, disinfection in flat in progress. She’s invited to a party for the dead ones. Family is disgust that she’s alive since she died. They think she lived and died badly. Maria wants to interrupt own funeral. Starts to believe that she’s dead, although feels like she’s not.


Dreams of Lonely People

Marek Leszczewski, Poland

After twenty years, the man returns to his family home. There, he establishes a relationship with the figure of magical world of nature.


Feeling Through

Doug Roland, USA

Feeling Through, the first film to star a DeafBlind actor, is a coming of age story that follows Tereek, a teen wandering the streets of New York, desperate for a place to crash when he encounters Artie, a DeafBlind man in need of help getting home. From an awkward meeting between strangers emerges an intimate bond, and a journey that forever changes Tereek.


Beyond is the Day

Damian Kocur, Poland

Somewhere in Europe, somewhere in Poland lives Pawel – a simple man working on a small river ferry close to his village. He spends most of his day taking the villagers to the other side of the river. Every day looks the same, but one day he notices somebody traversing the river by swimming. This person is Mohammad, an immigrant from Palestine. There is finally somebody Pawel can talk to.


The Game

Roman Hodel, Switzerland

A whistle. The stands of the stadium get loud. The players protest angrily. The presenters follow the action on the field. In the middle of it, the referee. The whole stadium watches him. Now he has to decide and direct the energy of an entire stadium.



Eva Muñoz, France

For Ana , it’s the big night: her boyfriend, Mathieu will finally make her meet his circle of friends. The evening unfolds without too many hitches until the arrival of Marie, Mathieu’s childhood friend Ana has never heard of, and that the latter is brooding with a strange eye …



Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer, Canada

Resonance is an Intimate portrait of a young woman at the time of diagnosis of an incurable disease that disrupts her existence.


Green Thoughts

William Hong-xiao Wei, United Kingdom

Somewhere in the world there is a remote island. The sea. Lush hills. The impenetrable forest. The constantly changing weather. In a lodge by the sea, a Chinese writer immersing herself in reading and writing encounters a Japanese girl who is in a melancholic mood. “Have you ever seen something after its disappearance?” the girl asks. “Where are we right now?” the writer asks. “Somewhere in the past,” the girl answers. Night after night some dreams lull them into sleep, but a heavy heart is lost in deep thoughts. What has actually happened and what the two girls are feeling, imagining or remembering starts to overlap. Is the scene of the outer world also becoming the self’s inner world?



Camille de Leu, Belgium

Julien wanders through his life completely detached. He vanishes in the memories of his childhood, the farthest kisses and the unanswered…



Rafal Malecki, Poland

An intimate portrayal of an artist-welder. Mariola roams post-industrial areas with her faithful dog in search of scrap metal, which she uses in her artwork. During the welding process she creates terrifying sculptures of animals, androids and children affected by war. She fulfils her obsessive need to create art in spite of her painful hand condition. When the air quality in the city exceeds acceptable limits she, together with her family, travels to an uninhabited island, to wait out the difficult time in close contact with nature.



Stavit Allweis, USA

A renegade band of females stages an execution of rapists and killers in a classroom.



A GOOD TASTE of TiSFF 2021 – Day 12
20 Oct - 31 Oct 16:00

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